Weight loss in beta cell at T2D

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Weight loss in beta cell at T2D

                                     Roy Taylor, MD, is the immediate process of discussions and why the clinic

Due to a weight loss of the diarrheal trial, a large part of the patients receiving type 2 diabetes, the importance of excessive body fat. Now researchers have been uncovering exactly how this works.

Madpage was diagnosed today with England’s director of the Newcastle Investor, Roy Taylor, MD, who recently reported mechanical results at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in Orlando.

The following comments have been edited for summaries.

Your latest information was found in the way of controlling diabetes diabetes for 46% off of diabetes-related diabetes. What did you get

Taylor: What happened was that, we reduced the fat fat of the liver, we reduced the amount of fat that interferes with pancreatic and the organs went back to the normal function – the liver is really fast, 7 days, with pancreas, 8 weeks more slowly. And since then, that was 2011 when we expressed that job, we just expanded it and found out more. In December last, we published a big study [decree] in which we were not involved in the management of people, but instead teach only how to teach primary care nurses.

So we showed that the fat level of the liver has dropped below 16%, which was raised fairly. We did not think of this Type 2 diabetes as roughly as the liver had too much fat. So that 16% dropped from 3% – an amazing drop, one of the biggest changes we see in people’s metabolism. Within 12 months, it is still about 3%, and it is extremely unusual. It creates a small drop in fennel fat, but it has the ability to return to a higher proportion of the population.

Approximately, about two-thirds of the people return to control naturally in glucose control, and we can see that the beta cell is awake, because it has been restored in the first phase of insulin. When the plasma glucose is raised in small amounts, the beta cell generates rapid growth of insulin and type 2 diabetes is neglected.

It is thought to be lost immediately, but we have shown that beta cells can be retrieved in most cases by taking away excess fat.

What is the effect of these mechanical results for the drug and liver and pancreatic effects?

Taylor: One of the main effects is that we can talk about type 2 diabetes very differently, because now we can see it is a very simple disease process. At the moment, scientists and doctors referred to type 2 diabetes as a complex complex disease. At the beginning of the lectures this description is often written at the beginning of the suggestions: Type 2 diabetes is a complex and discriminatory disorder. Well, it’s not.

Diabetes is now one of the most common disorders of those people that they are more fat than those of fat, so this is a simplification. This is a simple condition that, of course, those people who are discriminated against. That’s where the complexity arises and what has created confusion.

So this one person is sitting in front of me in front, they can tackle compared to the person who has got more fat. To get rid of their fat, and this disease goes away now, the intelligence of the process allows us to be sure, and this is a very welcome message for diabetic patients …

What they say is hearing first, it is counterproductive, and secondly, why it is counterproductive – which allow them to lose weight and motivate them to do so. So the process study is really important.

There is another important thing to get out of our job, and this is the time of type 2 diabetes that is really important. Due to the diagnosis of the clock is kept. Even the first 6 years of diabetes type 2 diabetes were included in this large study, Directory Studies, even at that time, those who do not manage to return to normalcy, compared to that they have a little longer time than diabetes so it is important because it is the first The suggestions will change how we look.

What is it more about this patient, do they blame them for gaining weight that has this disease?

TELLER: In fact, it makes the opposite. One of the funest questions asked in the clinic is why me? Why did I get diabetes? All my friends are thicker than me and they do not have it. Well, unfortunately, we are all people We all tend to have one way, the other way to facilitate. Some people have beta cells that are more infectious than those with fatty acids. And if we take it extreme, many people are completely resistant to the effects of beta cell fat. If we look at index body body for 40 years, they do not have about three quarters of diabetes and it is impossible to find. And so you see it is not a person’s fault. It’s a matter of having a bit of a small hay with the genes that you set up in a special way.

So it keeps away from the mere two aspects of type 2 diabetes – you’re eating a bad diet, you’ve weighed a lot – and in fact it sends it back to the person. You are unfortunately drawn to the little hay, but the good news is that you can deal with it.

What is the dietary diet involved?

Taylor: We started initial research that was 600 kilocals per day and a few non-striky vegetables. Now we are so simple to study our general practice and primary care. We go to 800 KILKALARARS per week, but only from Liquid Formula Products. So it’s a packet for breakfast, a packet for lunch, a packet for evening meals. It sounds like a great voice, but there are two great advantages.

Although it has been forgotten rather than some time ago recognized, that an 800 calorie a day food man is not hungry. Since you’re not bothered by the appetizing harassment of hunger, if you cut through a day’s bread, you miss it and you’re peckish a bit. So first 36 hours later, which is hard, no hunger to note.

One of the benefits of weight loss is the burden of everyday decisions. How much can I eat, what can I eat, what is the level of spoon or am I going to get a little more? … all these troubles can be avoided. It’s a packet for your food and it’s about it.

Although it may seem that it is very difficult for most people to keep the sticks, our research was a flexible time for the director. So the basic agreement they lived with for three months, but if they wanted to achieve their personal goals, they could choose to lose some weight. Almost everyone chose to expand it, and the average time of food was actually 4 months. So that’s just this gives you a hint of feeling good with people with a dietary approach.

But then for weight maintenance, come back slowly to eat normal foods.

Was there any wonder?

Taylor: I think that one of the most important things at the beginning is your closest and beloved, perhaps a spouse, partner or friend’s support. They must be involved in finding this person to get rid of their diabetes. If there is any support from a person, then he is more likely to succeed. And so what we are doing about information about this is to go beyond our way of incorporating this significant others, why we’re doing it.

This is one of the most important teaching points for me. At first I was a little confused, because after 40 years of being a doctor I could not accurately predict who would work well and who was not. I hope to be able to do it. I know that my advice is not being followed very well, but this was a surprise to me.

And then the scales removed from my eyes was not the person that I saw, it was the person who was sitting beside them who actually called a shot-husband or wife, mates, friends. That led us to pay more attention to their involvement in these magnificent projects to make us change a step in getting this healthy weight back.

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