Vivo NEX | Review and Specifications


This is the vivo Nex.   It is an actual bezel-less phone right now. It is a notch less phone that people have been waiting for. This one has a 6.6 Inch 1080p super AMOLED and it is little taller than 19:9 it is 19.9:9. And surprisingly it has 91.24% screen to body ratio. The top bezel Is tiny and the side bezels are about the same as what we see in a lot of other phones. And a little bit more of a chin, you got 5 mm chin…

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Distracted a couple of heap of food to eat daily for weight loss? This educator breaks it down

  Some individuals swear to eat 3 fat meals daily, others observe boring abstinence, wherever they’re feeding all their calories within the four-hour window. though each aspects of food area unit their aggressiveness and symptoms, however the foremost effective for weight loss? As personal trainer GAB Weber, NAM, ACE, shows in associate degree Instagram post, you’ll be able to eat twelve meals daily or eat 2 meals daily and still turn. Finally, what quantity of it’ll you eat calories “The incontrovertible fact that you’ll be able to eat the maximum…

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